Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Hair & Introduction to Trials

Wedding Season 2013 is quickly approaching...Here's an example of a look I get asked to do time and time again! Loose, a little "undone", soft curls, twisty, sexy, lots of texture, voluminous. These are common descriptions of when I ask, "What are we doing with you hair?" I always recommend to have clean, dry hair ready to go on the "big day". Having photos always helps paint a picture of exactly what your looking for! :) Brides should always book a trial* prior to their wedding. 

*(This is an extensive trial where we really fine tune what your looking for. If you’d like to try both an updo or wearing it all down…this is the time to do it. Also if you’d like to try both a natural and more glam style of makeup. I always tell my brides to at least try two options. What you decide on, may surprise you!)

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